Find and share data that speaks to you.

Find the voice in your data

Welcome to Dataship, a place that helps you turn the whispers in your data into words.

Dataship makes it easy for people to reveal the story hidden in their data. Thinkers. Hackers. Data Scientists. These people use Dataship to create beautiful notebooks with visualizations and interactions that engage and inform.

Once you've created a notebook, share what you've learned with friends, colleagues or people around the world, just by sharing a link.

Open data

We love open data and open notebook science.

Scientist or citizen, publishing your data is easy: drag your data into a new notebook, give it a name and anyone in the world with a web browser can download and explore it.

Add as much analysis as you care to, then share the link with friends and colleagues or let Citizen Data Scientists from around the globe uncover new insights that enrich the world.

Turn data into understanding

Dataship puts cutting edge machine learning technology in everyone's hands.

We make it easy to use deep learning, neural networks and other advanced machine learning techniques to transform data into insight.

The browser based computational platform we invented makes it possible. Until now, sharing insights created with these tools was reserved for those with deep pockets and large data centers. Now it's available to everyone, for free.